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The ConPaaS team celebrates ConPaaS-1.1 and eats its own dogfood

Published on February 4, 2013 by in News

Amsterdam February 4th 2013. The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Contrail consortium are proud to announce Contrail PaaS (ConPaaS) release 1.1. Until ConPaaS, considerable system administrator skills were needed to deploy applications in the Cloud. ConPaaS simplifies the way applications can be started and managed in the Cloud. With ConPaaS, deploying applications making full use of the capabilities of the Cloud requires only a few mouse clicks.

ConPaaS provides a collection of scalable, cloud-ready services for hosting various types of applications. The previous release 1.0 already supported PHP, Java, SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop and TaskFarming services. Release 1.1 completes this with the XtreemFS POSIX file system service which allows ConPaaS applications to share data through files as in a single local machine.

Other major improvements are the introduction of the ConPaaS director which allows users to control their ConPaaS services entirely using command-line tools. This simplifies things for advanced developers and allows them to automate a number of common operations. Also, application developers can now fully configure their services by providing startup scripts to be executed automatically on newly created virtual machines.

“We are very proud of this new ConPaaS release”, says Guillaume Pierre, who is leading the research and development team. “Thanks to the newly introduced functionalities we are now ready to start eating our own dog food, and to rely exclusively on ConPaaS technology to host the www.conpaas.eu website.” The ConPaaS team in Amsterdam instantly took his word seriously and organized a grand dinner where “ConPaaS dog food” was served.

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