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ConPaaS releases version 2.0.0

Published on July 24, 2016 by in News

The ConPaaS team is proud to announce the release of ConPaaS-2.0.0. This is a major release which contains a number of important structural improvements.

  • ConPaaS-2 introduces the notion of application managers. As the name suggests, an application manager is an instance in charge of managing an entire application composed of one or more services. The application manager replaces the separate service managers from ConPaaS-1.x.x. The main advantages are twofold: (i) it reduces the resource usage, as an application with N services will need only one application manager instead of N service managers; (ii) it gives ConPaaS a single control point over the entire application, which for example comes in handy to automate the choice of appropriate resources an application should use to reach pre-defined performance
  • ConPaaS-2 centralizes access to the underlying IaaS cloud in the Director. This increases the system’s security as IaaS credentials do not need to be distributed to service managers any more. It also simplifies fine-grained resource accounting and cleanup in the case of misbehaving instances.
  • ConPaaS-2 introduces a new command-line interface called cps-tools, which replaces the old cpsclient. The new cps-tools CLI has a much more consistent syntax, which greatly facilitates its usage.
  • ConPaaS-2 services can now export service-specific log files such as access and error logs, etc. This greatly simplifies application debugging.
  • ConPaaS-2 service instances as well as the VirtualBox image are now based on Debian-8 rather than the old Debian-6.
  • ConPaaS-2 supports deployments over Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, Raspberry Pi and single-node VirtualBox. Support for OpenNebula is dropped.
  • The MapReduce, TaskFarming, HTCondor, Scalaris and Selenium services are deprecated.
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