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In a nutshell

ConPaaS is a runtime environment for hosting applications in the cloud. It aims at offering the full power of the cloud to application developers while shielding them from the associated complexity of the cloud. ConPaaS is designed to host both high-performance scientific applications and online Web applications.  It automates the entire life-cycle of an application, including collaborative development, deployment, performance monitoring, and automatic scaling. This allows developers to focus their attention on application-specific concerns rather than on cloud-specific details.

Available services

  • Web hosting services.
    • PHP
    • Java
  • Storage services.
    • MySQL database service
    • Scalarix NoSQL key-value store
    • XtreemFS POSIX file system service
  • High-performance services.
    • MapReduce service
    • TaskFarming service
    • High-Throughput Condor service
  • Miscellaneous services.
    • Generic service
    • Selenium functional testing service


  • Elasticity.
    • All available services are elastic: users can add or remove nodes during the execution without any service interruption
  • Simplicity. 
    • Graphical interface through the web frontend client
    • Users can monitor service performance and easily ask for more nodes for overloaded services
    • Users can easily manage applications consisting of several services through description files called “manifests”
  • Security.
    • Users must be authenticated to interact with ConPaaS
    • All management communications are secured over HTTPS protocol
    • ConPaaS services can be linked into a virtual private network (IPOP VPN)
  • Flexibility.
    • ConPaaS can deploy applications across several clouds at once. Services can run across multiple clouds.
    • Users can customize services according to their needs
  • Robustness.
    • The XtreemFS and MySQL services are persistent: they can save snapshots of their state which can be reused to restart them
  • Extensibility.
    • Building new services is made easy


  • Web-based  GUI
  • Command-line client
  • HTTPS API for developers


  • Image disk creation scripts
  • Upload PHP or Java code through Git


  • Clouds: Amazon EC2, OpenStack, OpenNebula
  • ConPaaS can manage resources scattered across multiple clouds simultaneously


  • ConPaaS is open-source software under the BSD license.
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