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ConPaaS releases version 1.4.2

Published on November 4, 2014 by in News

The ConPaaS team is proud to announce the release of ConPaaS-1.4.2. This is a stable version. Users of previous versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade to use this new release instead.

New features in ConPaaS-1.4.2 include:

  • The XtreemFS service now enforces strict access control using ssl certificates. This allows users control at a fine granularity who has or doesn’t have access to the files stored in the XtreemFS service.
  • The MySQL service has been fully reimplemented. This new version of the service relies on a better implementation of database replication based on Galera cluster.
  • The PHP service now supports auto-scaling. ConPaaS users can now simply define a maximum response time the system should enforce. If the traffic varies, ConPaaS will automatically add or remove instances to serve content efficiently in all circumstances.
  • ConPaaS-in-a-Nutshell is a single VM image containing an entire ConPaaS installation. It runs for example in Virtualbox. The nutshell is suitable for trying ConPaaS without having access to a full cloud, or for testing ConPaaS developments.
  • ConPaaS now has a new set of command-line tools called cps-tools which exhibits a more regular syntax than the old cpsclient.
  • Many bug fixes.

ConPaaS is a runtime environment for hosting applications in the cloud. It aims at offering the full power of the cloud to application developers while shielding them from the associated complexity of the cloud. ConPaaS is designed to host both high-performance scientific applications and online Web applications.  It automates the entire life-cycle of an application, including collaborative development, deployment, performance monitoring, and automatic scaling. Finally, it runs on a variety of public and private clouds, and is easily extensible. This allows developers to focus their attention on application-specific concerns rather than on cloud-specific details. For more information about the ConPaaS project as a whole we recommend this overview article.

To try the new release the simplest option is ConPaaS Online: new users can register and try the system for free during a limited period. Alternatively, users may want to download ConPaaS-in-a-Nutshell and deploy ConPaaS in  virtualbox.

The ConPaaS team is busier than ever in building new functionality and in making ConPaaS an even better system. Stay tuned for the next releases!

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