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ConPaaS-0.9.0 is available

Published on April 27, 2012 by in News

The ConPaaS team is proud to announce the release of ConPaaS-0.9.0.

ConPaaS is a runtime environment for hosting applications in the cloud. It aims at offering the full power of the cloud to application developers while shielding them from the associated complexity of the cloud. ConPaaS is designed to host both high-performance scientific applications and online Web applications. It automates the entire life-cycle of an application, including collaborative development, deployment, performance monitoring, and automatic scaling. Finally, it runs on a variety of public and private clouds, and is easily extensible. This allows developers to focus their attention on application-specific concerns rather than on cloud-specific details.

ConPaaS-0.9.0 contains five services specialized for different tasks:

  • PHP Web hosting service
  • Java Web hosting service
  • MySQL database service
  • Scalarix NoSQL key-value store
  • MapReduce service

Each service is self-contained and fully elastic. This means that increasing or decreasing the processing capacity of ConPaaS services is entirely automated. The application owner only has to click one button in the Web interface to trigger such reconfigurations. Services can be easily composed. For example, the user guide contains a short tutorial explaining how to install WordPress on ConPaaS using the PHP and MySQL services.

ConPaaS-0.9.0 runs on Amazon’s EC2 as well as OpenNebula. Besides the regular software release, ConPaaS is also available in two different forms which make testing easy:

  • ConPaaS Online is a public installation of ConPaaS. It offers a free trial feature so anyone can create an account and start using the system freely.
  • We also provide ready-made images for Amazon EC2. Using these images, starting your own ConPaaS system requires only a few minutes.

Please note that ConPaaS-0.9.0 has one important caveat: the system is not fully secured yet so advanced attackers would be able to carry out successful attacks. This means that the system is suitable for private cloud environments where users are trusted, or for demonstration purposes in public clouds. Implementing full security obviously features at the very top of our current to-do list.

For any information, question or feedback about ConPaaS, please contact us at info@conpaas.eu.

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