The new version of ConPaaS is showcased successfully

Today we had the occasion of successfully showcasing the latest version of ConPaaS. The new version integrates several new types of services:

  • Scalarix: a scalable transactional key-value store (i.e., a NoSQL database)
  • MapReduce: a high-performance framework for parallel computing
  • Java: Web servers hosting static content and Java servlets
  • PHP: Web servers hosting static content and PHP documents

Two more services are almost ready and will be integrated soon:

  • MySQL: a ConPaaS service built around the famous relational database
  • BagsOfTasks: a high-performance execution framework for scientific computing

These new services will be made available for download and in the public testbed as soon as possible. In the mean time, you may want to take a look at the following screenshots.

The login screen

Creating a new ConPaaS service

The main ConPaaS dashboard with three services running

The Java Web hosting service

The Scalarix NoSQL database service

The MapReduce service

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